Summer University in Social Work 

Abstracts and bibliographies

‪More and More Moral Decisions‬‬‬
Prof. Gabriel Abend — New-York University, USA
Emerging Technologies in Social Work: Ethical challenges and opportunities in pursuing social work’s mission
Prof. Allan Barsky — Florida Atlantic University, USA
Challenges in addiction medicine in Switzerland
Prof. Jacques Besson — CHUV, Lausanne
Interstate Migration: Ethical Dilemmas and Social Work in India
Prof. Saju Madavanakadu Devassy — Rajagiri College, India
Undocumented Migrants and Ethical Issues
Prof. GAO Jianguo — Shandong University, China
Narratives of Deservingness and the Institutional Youth of Immigrant Workers
Prof. Shannon Gleeson — Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, USA
Social work mission and ethical issues
Prof. Ruth Landau — Hebrew University, Israel
The Label ‘Orphan and Vulnerable Children’ (OVC) and the African Child: A Conversation
Prof. Lombe, M., Boston College School of Social Work, USA, Mabikke, H. MSW, Enelamah, N.V., M.Ed.
Ethical Issues in Helping Chinese Families of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Multiple Family Group Therapy
Prof. Joyce L. C. Ma — Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ethical Social Work Practice in a Globalizing yet Polarizing World
Prof. Steven Sek-yum NGAI — Chinese University of Hong Kong
Universalism and communitarianism in social work
Prof. Simone Romagnoli, PhD — University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland
A journey through the addiction quagmire: linking the personal to the socio-political
Prof. Deborah O’Connor — UBC
The ethical Watchdog of Swiss Drug Policy. Why social workers have to go political
Jean-Félix Savary, General secretary, Groupe romand d’études des addictions (GREA), Lausanne
Child Protection and Parental Substance Abuse
Prof. Robert Schilling — University of California Los Angeles, USA
Legal, institutional and ethical issues in child protection
Prof. Marit Skivenes — University of Bergen, Norway
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