International Summer University in Social Work 2015

The theme of the 2015 Summer University in Social Work is “Global Perspective on Aging and Social Inclusion: Policy and Practice”. The idea is to discuss the complex interrelations between aging and social inclusion which tend to be analyzed by using different theoretical approaches. As an important phenomenon of contemporary human societies, aging has given rise to many critical social welfare and social work issues, such as elderly care and intergenerational relationship. Social inclusion policy, which
emphasizes social investment on human resources, employment, social security and social welfare, stresses and actualizes the equity and solidarity among different classes, occupations, ethnic groups, genders, religions, and cultural groups.

The conferences and workshops will be based on the most recent research conducted in these fields. The international perspective of the Summer University also helps students to think critically and comparatively about the social work practice, both global and local, which often encounters the dilemma between the protection for the most vulnerable groups and the ambition to enhance individual and collective responsibilities and capacities.

The goals of the 6th International Summer University in social work are to promote exchanges among participants from various backgrounds, to facilitate comparative analysis, and to stimulate discussion of new theoretical and practical approaches in social work with aging population. It offers a safe and intellectual place for discussions and debates between social work scholars and students coming from different countries and regions.

The organizing University

Shandong University - School of Philosophy and Social Development

Shandong University (SDU) is one of the initiative universities of modern Chinese higher education. Its main body, Shandong Imperial College (Shandong Da Xue Tang), established in 1901, was the second national university in China, only after the Imperial University of Peking. Moreover, it was the first university to be established and run according to a chartered constitution. In recent years, SDU has leaped forward in its development with remarkably enhanced overall strength and competitiveness. Its full-time student population is now up to 60,000, of which 40,789 are full-time undergraduates, 18,816 are postgraduates and 3,791 are international students. 18 disciplines of SDU rank among the top 1% in the ESI Ranking, 5 of which rank top 1‰. SDU comprises 8 campuses in 3 cities (Jinan, Weihai and Qingdao).
The SDU Department of Social Work is among the earliest 28 social work education programs founded before 2000 in Mainland China. Based on a commitment to fundamental social work values and a vision of social justice, we currently offer programs at the undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels and continuous professional education training for those already practicing in the field.

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