International Summer University in Social Work 2020

Social care is one of the primary needs of citizens in any country. Rights based perspective of Social work intervention has not completely successful in alleviating needs of the communities, especially the vulnerable population. There is a demand for resources and services to be in place, to meet the social care needs of the vulnerable population with special focus on women, children, senior citizens and differently abled. Involvement of the Government in social care varies across the nations, and this is to be debated and intervened, based on the evidences.

The practices needs to be compared between the various public-private ownership models in social care. Response of the social work profession as a major stakeholder is critical in the situation where neoliberal ideas and withdrawal of state, fully or partly, from the social care is a trend, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries. Social Work education institutions are also involved in social care focussing on wellbeing concept, through the extension activities which also provide opportunities for the social work trainees to get practice learning. It will be interesting to understand country specific, sector specific, institutional specific care systems adopted in education, research and practice in ensuring wellbeing of the citizens.

The organizing University


The ISUSW 2020 should have been organised by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), but in the context of a global pandemie, the planned program had to be abandoned.

Instead, a program online arnoud the theme above cited had be proposed by de General secretary (Dr. S.Tapparel, HES-SO). 6 partners have participated with students and professors.