International Summer University of Social Work 2023

The ISUSW 2023

The Intersection of Social Work and Sustainability in the Aftermath of COVID-19

The ISUSW 23 hosted by the School of Social Sciences at Western Sydney University in Australia, from July 10th, 2023 to July 21st, 2023. The ISUSW 2023 conference was a 10-day academic program designed for participating students to explore current challenges and opportunities related to social work, sustainability, and sustainable development in the post-COVID-19 world. In addition to providing a unique learning experience for students, this WSU program also presented an opportunity to advance the ISUSW's capacity for collaboration and collective impact on teaching and research in the global social work field.

Sustainability is a complex and multidimensional concept encompassing various human activities aimed at satisfying current needs while ensuring future generations can meet their own needs (UN, 1987). It includes several dimensions, including environmental, economic, social, cultural (spiritual), and political sustainability, which are interconnected and interdependent. Given the holistic and integrated approach of social work to human relations and social change, social work is well-positioned to address a range of sustainability issues.

Our conference theme, "Creating Sustainable and Equitable Societies: The Intersection of Social Work and Sustainability in the Aftermath of COVID-19," underlined the importance of resilience during challenging times and a hopeful vision for a more just and equitable world. This WSU conference explored the intersection of social work and sustainability in the post-Covid-19 era and provided a platform for participants, including academics, to share ideas, knowledge and experiences. The aims of the conference were to identify sustainable development strategies that promote human rights, social justice and community well-being, to explore the role of social work in creating sustainable and equitable societies, and to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainability issues and social work practice.