International Summer University in Social Work 2018

The theme is treated through 4 modules

Module 1: General overview
  • Child Welfare: Historical perspective

  • Children’s rights: Concepts and principles

  • The child welfare system – a comparative international perspective

  • Child abuse and neglect – understanding it scope and nature

Module 2: Policies and services
  • Legislation and regulations in child welfare
  • Community-based services for children at risk
  • Out-of-Home placement for children at risk (residential care and foster care)
  • Adoption
  • Decision-making in the child welfare system
  • Balancing parents’ rights with state’s interests leading to children’s protection
  • Children’s voices in the child welfare system
  • Child advocacy and child welfare
Module 3: Interventions and practices
  • Best practice in child welfare and protection
  • Interventions with family and children at risk (e.g, trauma-informed treatments for children and parents)
  • Prevention – can we prevent child abuse and neglect?
  • Family-centered practices
  • Intercultural interventions with children at risk and their families
Module 4: Research
  • The state of the child in the welfare system
  • The child perspective regarding the welfare system – studying children as subjects
  • Long term studies – from childhood to adulthood

The organizing University

The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem